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We help people explore and analyze data differently using the power of search. With on-site and remote options, we’ve executed thousands of successful consulting engagements. Whether you are just starting out or already have an Elastic cluster deployed, we ensure you have a smooth journey and help you take your system to the next level. As Elastic Certified Consulting Service Provider, we develop and consult for the Elastic Stack. This includes developer training and 24/7 production support.

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Our Elasticsearch Consulting Services

Are at Core of the Free & Open Elastic Stack

Elasticsearch is a distributed RESTful search engine and analytics engine that can cover a growing number of use cases. As the core of the Elastic Stack, it stores your data and enables fast searches, finely tuned relevance, and powerful analytics that can be easily scaled.


Qavi Technologies is the leading consulting company dedicated to enterprise search and big data solutions. Whether you are using Elasticsearch for a web-facing application, or to power your enterprise search system, we provide a range of services to help you get the most from Elasticsearch

Our Elasticsearch Consulting Service Options

As an Elastic partner with offices in the US and Asia, we deliver top-notch Elasticsearch consulting services to our global customers.

Hire Elasticsearch Experts

Search Experts for Hire

We offer architectural design consulting for Elasticsearch and all of the Elastic Stack components (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats) at competitive rates

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Elasticsearch Application Assessment

Search Application Assessment

We offer Search Application Assessment to help you prepare for Elasticsearch implementation or to improve your existing application.

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Our Work Process & Expert Elasticsearch Consultant Services

All-inclusive Consulting Packages

We provide phase-based packages on the basis expertise you need — no matter your use case or where you are at in your Elastic Stack deployment.

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Move from an existing platform or benefit from newfeatures while minimizing risks and impact on your systems.

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Create a robust solution based on your use case,data volume, growth needs, business requirements,and other critical factors.

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We will guide you through the development and implementation of your Elastic Stack and Endpoint Security solutions.

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From orchestration to configuration management,we help you set up and activate all the bells and whistles for your test or production environment.

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Design a model that scales with your data and workload, maintain optimal performance, and keep your clusters green.

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Our Elasticsearch Consulting Services Offer Are Exclusive & Personalized

Our Elasticsearch Consulting Services are designed to facilitate distributed computer structures and supports load distribution and high availability. Our Elasticsearch Consulting Services has many advantages. The search engine works very quickly, is easily scalable and suitable for large amounts of data. Distributed computer architectures are supported and high availability can be achieved. Thanks to numerous integrated functions, Elasticsearch can be used flexibly and efficiently. Together with Logstash and Kibana, Elasticsearch forms a complete software suite for analyzing and visualizing large amounts of data. The software is freely available and under an open-source license. Professional support and commercial enhancements by us are available if required. Other advantages of Elasticsearch are easy to implement

Easy to use APIs.
Support for many programming and scripting languages.
Works platform-independent.
Extensive documentation is available.

Why Our Elasticsearch Consulting Services Are the Finest?

Because we don’t have any limitations. Numbers, text or geodata, structured or unstructured – all data types are welcome. Full-text search is just one of many reasons why companies around the world trust us for our Elasticsearch Consulting Services; especially when it comes to solving a wide variety of challenges. Here is a full list of solutions built by us directly on top of the Elastic Stack.


Benefit from fast and scalable logging – reliably and without failures.


Monitor and visualize your system metrics.


Site Search

Create a user-friendly search function for your website quickly and easily.



Gain insights into the performance of your application.

qavi map


Explore geospatial data in real time.



Benefit from interactive investigation and automated threat detection.


Endpoint Security

Make it possible to prevent, detect, detect and combat threats.


Workplace Search

Search company data silos from one central location.

speed optimization


Monitor apps and services and react quickly to availability issues.

Why Choose Us

We Are Creative

Just like our Elasticsearch Consulting Services, our company find strength in creativity and uniqueness. For us, it is always important to build a company and products that are great.

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Our Experts Have Character

Every employee in our company put teamwork and the best of his expertise first to ensure the fact that you always get the best.

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Open-Source is at Our Heart

Our Elasticsearch Consulting Services are built around open source and this is something which makes us a part of a strong community while allowing us to deliver services that are loved.

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