Search Engine

Sphinx Search for Auto Parts Store


The client is large online store for auto parts. The store offers 100,000+ auto parts in 100+ categories for wide range of vehicles. The sore is based on Magento and was using default MySql full text search. The results of the searches were not accurate and performance was slow. Before reaching to us client's team [...]

Solr Performance Optimization for Numberplates Search


Our client is famous website to find personalized vihecle numberplate in UK. It has a database of 49,000,000+ personalized available numberplates. This website is using Solr for searching the matching plates. The query uses Solr regular expressions to find the all possible combinations of number plates for the user based on their provided keyword. Client's [...]

Solr Implementation for Logos Search


Our client is a website that allows users to design their own logos. It has a 200,000 vector graphics from which user can search and use these graphics for new logo. We implemented the search by which users can find the vector graphics they want. We used Solr for the search. We traverse through the [...]

Sphinx Search for OsCommerce based User Manuals Search Engine


Our client is website which sells digital user and repair manuals for cars, industrial vehicles, electronics and electrical appliances and had catalog of more than 300,000 manuals.  The website is based on osCommerce which is heavily customized. To find their desired manual, the best way for users was to use search. The default osCommerce search [...]

Elasticsearch with WordPress for Vets Community


The client is a popular vet community portal in UK. The portal is based on Wordpress. It was using default Wordpress search and results were not great for search. We implemented Elasticsearch to replace default search. The search results accuracy and performance improved which results more conversions from search. We also implemented search auto complete which enables users [...]

Sphinx Search for Real Estate & Service Providers Direcotry


We implemented Sphinx Search to power search for real estate and service providers directory. The main challenges for the search was its scale and complexity. The directory for real estate had more than million residential and commercial properties listed for all over USA.  Creating a search for address was tricky and we had to tackle a [...]

Green Energy Resource Portal


We provided complete solution for a community portal for green and clean energy solution. Main features of the portal included product catalog, services catalog, company listings, groups and discussions. We provided complete solution based on Symfony framework. Sphinx Search is used to power the search for products, services, companies and discussions.  We also provide server management [...]

Price & Deals Comparison Portal


We provided complete solution for a price and deals comparison portal. This website enables to search products and find prices and deals in the region. We used Elasticseach to build custom search for the millions of the products it has. The search features include full and delta reindexing, easy management, relevant search and search logs. [...]