Server Management

Solr Performance Optimization for Classified Ads Portal


Our client is large classified ads portal in Pakistan. It has more than 1,000,000 active ads and more than 200,000 daily page views. When we were reached by client, Solr was already in place for searching and navigation. It was having performance issues in queries and indexing. Solr used to crash frequently due to these [...]

Performance Optimization for WordPress Blog


The client is a famous blog and discussion forum for Apple products in Middle East. The client wanted to have super fast user experience for mobile and desktop visitors. We performed a performance audit on server side, dns and front end to fine the bottlenecks. We identified several issues with theme, server and dns setup. [...]

Solr Performance Optimization for Numberplates Search


Our client is famous website to find personalized vihecle numberplate in UK. It has a database of 49,000,000+ personalized available numberplates. This website is using Solr for searching the matching plates. The query uses Solr regular expressions to find the all possible combinations of number plates for the user based on their provided keyword. Client's [...]

Solr Implementation for Logos Search


Our client is a website that allows users to design their own logos. It has a 200,000 vector graphics from which user can search and use these graphics for new logo. We implemented the search by which users can find the vector graphics they want. We used Solr for the search. We traverse through the [...]

Price & Deals Comparison Portal


We provided complete solution for a price and deals comparison portal. This website enables to search products and find prices and deals in the region. We used Elasticseach to build custom search for the millions of the products it has. The search features include full and delta reindexing, easy management, relevant search and search logs. [...]