Sphinx Search

Sphinx Search for Door & Cabinet Furniture Store


Our client is a large online store which offers door & cabinet furniture, bathroom fitting and kitchen furniture from famous brands. The store is based on custom PHP. They have 1000s of the products to offer. The store was using default mysql fulltext matching for search. This search was not accurate and was slow. Client [...]

Sphinx Search Implementation for Prestashop Store


Our client is online store for heating, venting and cooling equipment in USA. It has wide range of products for home and industrial use. The website is based on Prestashop free shopping cart software. The store was using default Prestashop search which was slow for large catalog and not accurate as well. Client reached to [...]

Sphinx Search Optimization for Video On-Demand Platform


Our client is one of the largest freely available Video On-Demand & Pay-per-view library. The client already had Sphinx Search implemented for the content search, but it was not performing to its full potential. There were multiple issues in search relevancy and indexing performance. Sphinx and db servers were hosted on AWS EC2 Our team [...]

Sphinx Search for Pharmacy Price Comparison


The client is famous pharmacy price comparison site in Australia. Data for the rates and availability is gathered from multiple sites and made available for search. Mysql fulltext search was being used for the search. The search was no accurate and was very slow. Searching a misspelled word was common due to nature of the [...]

Sphinx Search of osCommerce Store


The client is osCommerce based store for safety, electrical, motor sports and industrial supplies. It has over 100,000 items in its catalog. The site was using default fulltext search due to which results were not accurate and performance was slow. Our team implemented Sphinx Search for search. We designed custom indexes for store. We focused [...]

Performance Optimization for Magento Auto Parts Store


Our client is online store for auto-parts offering huge range of auto parts. The store was based on Magento. Due to huge catalog of products the site was very slow overall. The search was also slow because it was using default Magento fulltext search. We did a performance audit of the site and identified bottlenecks. [...]

Search as a Service for Business Direcotry


Our client is large business directory offering localized business listing for 10+ countries. In total it has more than 10,000,000+ businesses listed. Search for related keywords is the most convenient way for the visitors to find the listing they are looking for. The website was using mysql fulltext search to provide results. The queries used [...]

Sphinx Search for Clothing Store


Our client is online store which offers thousands of licensed t-shirts ranging from superheros like Superman, Batman and funny graphic clothing. The store's website is based on Magento. The search was using default Magento fulltext and LIKE search. The results of the searches were not accurate and performance was slow. After client reached to us, [...]

Search as a Service for osCommerce Store


Our client is famous online store for electric supplies in UK. The store is based on heavily customized osCommerce. The site was using default osCommerce search. This search was slow as there were more than 300,000 products. Beside the search the navigation was very slow as well due to the high number of products. In near future [...]

Sphinx Search Integration for vBulletin


Our client is owner of a famous discussion forum of Belgium. The forum is based on vBulletin. The search was the main feature used by the users to fine relevant topics. The default vBulletin search was not good and was very slow. Client reached to us to make the search relevant and faster. We integrated [...]