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Our Web Development Services

With on-hand experience of 10+ years in developing business websites, APIs, large-scale backend applications and large data processing scripts. We specialize in developing visually appealing and high-performing web solutions for all types of business enterprises.
Our service range includes end-to-end web designing, web development and implementation services. We also serve in the areas of web-hosting and infrastructure management.

At Qavi Technologies, we uphold extensive expertise in all the latest and trending frameworks which include JavaScript and LAMP based frameworks and Content Management Systems (CMS).

Our Framework Experties

As the time is changing and the world of technology is constantly evolving, the web-development needs of our clients are also growing. Considering the fact, most of our clients ask, how do we manage this dynamic environment while developing web solutions?

Our vision is very simple in this regard. We believe in constant and responsible adaptation of change, so that we keep on evolving alongside the technological changes. Qavi Technologies is a learning organization, which strongly believes in continuous learning and improvement.
We are expert in developing web applications based on web development platforms like Zend Framework, Phalcon, Codeigniter, Symfony, Yii 1 and Yii 2 etc.
We also develop frontend single-page applications by using Angular 2 framework.

What Do We Offer?

At Qavi Technologies, we have a dedicated team of highly experienced and professional web developers that are fully capable of developing and handling complex projects, while ensuring the fact that our clients always get the best in terms of service and user experience. We offer premium quality web-development services with the following features.

Custom Web Design: In the modern digital world, it’s your online presence that matters the most, and if that is not appealing enough, then you may fail to create the impression that you envisioned. Qavi Technologies can help you create that impression with the help of a customized website. We offer our clients to get a customized web design that is precisely tailored according to their brand identity and business image. Result? A beautifully customized website with custom plugins, extensions and themes. Remember, you can do the same with a ready-made web design, but if you want to outshine the competition, we would always recommend custom web design for your business website.

Responsive Web Design 

At Qavi Technologies, we create highly responsive web pages that are capable of responding to any device. The web pages that we create are instantly resizable when opened on desktop or mobile devices.

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