We provide end to end services to optimize performance of WordPress sites. Our consultants are experienced in all aspects of WordPress performance like configuration, plugins, custom plugins, tools, hosting and methods to speedup. Our services has helped many WordPress sites to efficiently deal with growing traffic, achieve higher search engine ranking and reduce costs.

WordPress Performance optimization services are most suitable for sites with growing traffic and large amount of content. High traffic sites which are considering migration to WordPress can also benefit from these services. We can help you build scalable and lightning fast WordPress site.


The process kicks off when our performance optimization experts start analyzing your WordPress site in detail. The experts look into server, memory usage, cache, plugins, themes, software versions and performance measures if already applied. Based on WordPress optimization experience and a number of performance tests, they find out actual bottlenecks and areas for improvements.

After analysis and they suggest improvements in different areas like server, plugins, themes and custom code. We priorities the suggestions based on potential impact, complexity and efforts required. These analysis and suggestions are then discussed with the client and experts start implementing those. Impact is measured after each change we make, through running a number of performance tests.


A medium size WordPress site performance optimization takes around 20 to 30 hours of efforts. Our expertise in performance and scalability are proven and we have helped a number of WordPress sites to achieve high performance, improved page load times, reduced costs and more happy visitors. So don’t just wait and hire WordPress performance expert for by contacting us.