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The word Qavi in Urdu language is used for Strong, Powerful or Competent. We are a group of professionals who specialize in full-text search implementations. We are based in Karachi, Pakistan and work remotely with customers from all over the world. Every one at Qavi Technologies realizes the importance search and performance for an online business, so we continue to help customers improve their search and performance to provide best possible user experience.

Before 2017 we existed as SphinxConsultant.com. We started it in late 2012 and were focusing only on Sphinx implementation and consultancy. As being expert in implementing custom fulltext search, we soon built our expertise in Solr and Elasticsearch. Since 2015 we have implemented a number of searches using Solr and Elasticsearch, also provided relevancy and performance optimization for a number of implementations.

Our previous identity was really limiting our scope in custom search engines so we switched to “Qavi Technologies” and continuing providing services and consultancy in fulltext search, performance optimization and scalability.

We have already helped many high traffic sites to implement customized search features, and scale well in cost effective manner. Search has become essential for websites offering content to their users. Users expect information to be served instantly, hassle-free with options to filter the results as per their needs.

Our industry experience includes customizing and optimizing search for large scale forums, eCommerce, B2B, blogs, review sites and many different portals. View our portfolio to know more about our work.

If you are looking for super fast, relevant and scalable search engine solution, we are here to serve you. We believe in developing strong working relationship with our clients to ensure satisfaction and long-term success. If you have anything to say, or need consultation, simply drop a contact note to start the process.

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