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The Elastic Stack (ELK) consists of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, Logstash, and other components that can collect, store, search, analyze, and visualize data from any source and in any format. It handles large volumes of data and complex queries with high speed and scalability. It supports diverse use cases, such as logging, security, observability, machine learning, business analytics etc. All this and more with enterprise-grade security and developer-friendly APIs. Why wait, get in touch today!

Intelligent Search

Deliver relevant results, drive sales, collect valuable data, save time and money whilst always staying in control, with one simple yet powerful search tool.

The best way to discover content on a website is a custom search that helps find what visitors are looking for with just one question. A search that delivers fast, intuitive results, based on each visitor’s unique needs, and your business priorities.

A custom search is a must have, vital feature to discover content on a website. Take advantage of our years of experience in this field to enhance and accelerate visitor interactions with your website.

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Give your customers fine tuned, relevant search results at lightning fast speed whilst collecting valuable data for powerful scalable analytics.

With years of experience, we can help implement, improve and manage this open source search and analytics solution.

Through meticulous planning, in-depth business analysis and applying proven methodologies and best practices we avoid architectural mistakes and can build a solid search. Saving you valuable time and money to focus on what matters, serving customers and growing your business.

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Elastic Security

Elastic Security is a modern and comprehensive solution that unifies the capabilities of SIEM, endpoint security, and cloud security. It enables you to protect, investigate, and respond to complex threats by leveraging the speed and extensibility of Elasticsearch.

Over all its a flexible and scalable architecture that can handle large volumes of data and complex queries with minimal latency and resource consumption. We being experienced in implementing, managing and scaling Elastic Security, we enable our customer to get started quickly with it and get most value from it.

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Solr Services

An enterprise level, open source search platform that delivers reliable, scalable search and navigation. With multiple features to enhance the visitors search experience.

Solr can work with large amounts of data and allows you to distribute and manage indexes for large scale applications. It also has built-in security features and allows for easy monitoring, giving you peace of mind and great insights into user behaviours.

Our highly skilled experts can deliver Solr implementations, relevance tuning and performance optimization.

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Search as a Service

Stay ahead of the game by keeping your search engine optimized and fine tuned. A good search engine is the singular most important feature of a website. Visitors develop and learn new things daily, and so should your search continually adapt and evolve. Regular maintenance is crucial in keeping your search updated and relevant, fine tuning results and staying updated on technological advances and trends.

Our specialist team can provide ongoing maintenance and support whilst always looking for ways to improve search quality.

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Manticore Search

Manticore Search employs a comprehensive full text search method to deliver quality results, fast. It is optimised to process large amounts of data with minimal delay. Making it easy for visitors to find any word or phrase in a single search, no matter the size of the data that is scanned in the background. The perfect high performance, full text search solution to serve any business, large or small.

Our experts have years of experience in implementing, scaling, optimization and managing Sphinx Search. We have helped numerous clients design and implement complete solutions as well as improve existing Manticore based solutions.

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Innovation Doesn’t Rest & Neither Do We

We employ our vast knowledge and the latest technologies to showcase your products and services in a way that clients and customers will understand and love. However complex, we can simplify it without compromising quality.

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If you are looking for an Elastic expert, look no further than Waseem, you will not be disappointed as he always delivers, on time and always on budget

Sean M

Qavi Technologies is a first class operator when it comes to provide Sphinx search consulting and we could not have been happier with the work they did for us.

James S

Needed help on Solr. Was looking for an expert who has actually implemented, configured, tested, and used Solr and can provide a turnkey solution for a fair price

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