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IT Augmentation Spectrum

Holistic  IT Staff Augmentation

Holistic IT Staff Augmentation

In a dynamic collaboration, our client entrusts us with the complete outsourcing of a dedicated team for the development services of their product or idea. This comprehensive IT staff augmentation approach goes beyond traditional outsourcing, providing a cohesive and integrated team that becomes an extension of the client’s vision. By using our skills, the client gets a dedicated team that understands their goals and helps make their product or idea successful.

Client-Led  Development

Client-Led Development

In this collaboration model, the client retains control over project management while outsourcing other development services. It offers flexibility, allowing the client to steer the project according to their vision while benefiting from our specialized expertise in executing various development tasks. This client-centric approach ensures a tailored partnership, optimizing project outcomes with a focus on efficiency and adaptability.

Around-the-Clock Collaboration

Around-the-Clock Collaboration

In this model, diverse teams from all around the globe collaborate seamlessly to craft a product. Each group specializes in different areas, ensuring a 24/7 work environment tailored to their respective time zones. This global approach maximizes expertise, fostering continuous progress for our clients.

Strategic Specialized  Services

Strategic Specialized Services

In this model, clients maintain their in-house team while tapping into our specialized services. Our expert consultants, well-versed in areas like Elasticsearch, DevOps, Java, AI, Odoo functional, and project management, seamlessly integrate with the client’s team, offering tailored support and boosting overall capabilities.

Prototyping  Excellence

Prototyping Excellence

In this category, we excel in crafting MVPs that bring our client’s vision to life. We create foundational elements and personas aligning with the client’s concept, acting as a proof of concept and attracting potential clients.

Types of Staff Services

Boosting Your Team

In the realm of IT staff augmentation, our unique proposition lies in providing a diverse skill set that caters to both short-term needs and long-term goals of any company. Whether it’s filling crucial skill gaps for specific projects or offering sustained expertise, we ensure that businesses have access to the right talent precisely when they need it. Our approach to staff augmentation is tailored to meet the dynamic demands of today’s ever-evolving IT landscape, delivering unparalleled value and proficiency to organizations seeking to bolster their capabilities.

Complete Team Solutions:

Unlock synergy with our full-team service in IT staff augmentation. We go beyond individual hires, offering a cohesive team ready to enhance your business dynamics. Experience seamless collaboration and amplified productivity with our comprehensive team solutions tailored to your needs.

Flexible Staff Augmentation:

We revolutionize workforce solutions through innovative staff augmentation. Our approach prioritizes flexibility, allowing you to reserve skilled resources without limiting them to specific technologies. This unique model empowers you to allocate resources dynamically based on your project’s distinct needs. Experience a new level of efficiency and adaptability as we redefine staff augmentation for your success.

IT Staff Augmentation: Elevating Your Team, Empowering Your Projects

At Qavi Technologies, our IT Staff Augmentation services redefine how you build and scale your technology projects. With a focus on agility, expertise, and seamless integration, we provide a dedicated pool of skilled professionals to complement your existing team, ensuring the success of your projects.

Key Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

Our Operational Approach

Offshore Engineering Excellence

Embrace cutting-edge offshore software development with our elite global team. Optimize project scalability and accelerate delivery timelines while maintaining cost-effectiveness. At Qavi Tech, our expansive, tech-savvy workforce is adept in the latest technologies. We seamlessly integrate to offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions along with round-the-clock support and maintenance, ensuring unparalleled efficiency in every phase of your project.

Optimal Development Blend

Creating bespoke software solutions requires a meticulous strategy. Our Optimal Development Blend employs a dynamic model, strategically managing key processes like Project Management, Architecture, and Marketing onshore. Simultaneously, roles such as software development, architecture, UI UX, quality assurance, and DevOps achieve peak efficiency through strategic outsourcing to offshore locations. It’s a finely tuned approach for crafting efficient and customized software solutions.


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