Solr Implementation & Consultancy

Gear Up You Power Search With Our Extensive Solr Implementation Expertise

With extensive experience and brilliant skills in-hand, we are the leading Solr service provider. Qavi technologies is the well-versed name when it comes to premium Solr consulting and implementation services. Solr experts at Qavi Technologies ensure implementing the best system, design, architecture and configuration practices. The guarantee no wastage of your precious time and money, while also ensuring no-errors at our end.

What Solr Services Do We Offer?

Qavi Technologies is the leading name in the market when it comes to having extensive experience and strong expertise over Solr for Big Data and NoSQL projects. We provide highly-scalable and efficient Solr solutions that are exclusively devised to provide relevant and rich outcomes for your Solr implementation. Our service range includes the following services.

  • Solr Consulting Services.
  • Solr Enterprise Search.
  • Solr Query & Relevancy Check Services.
  • Solr Advisory Services.

What Specified Solr Services Do We Offer?

Performance Adjustments

We have especially crafted this service for clients with Solr solutions already in place; however, encountering relevancy, efficiency and scalability issues with it. performance issues, we will identify issues and optimize the complete systems.

Cloud Consultancy

This set of services is to serve client with Solr cloud solution. In her, our experts assist you to enable your Solr cloud to scale efficiently to your production settings. At Qavi Tech, we can also get your Solr cloud designed from the scratch; and also provide technical adjustments and audits for your implementations.

We Serve Diverse Industries & Clients With Our Solr Consulting Services

Qavi Technologies is a leading Solr Service provider in the market, when it comes to Solr Consulting, Solr Integration, Solr Architecture Development and Solr Implementation Services. Our client portfolio is so diverse and it includes companies of all types and size that belong to variety of industries such as Government, High-Tech, Retail, Manufacturing, and Media etc.

Performance Adjustment, Query Optimization & Relevancy Modification of Your Solr Solutions

It is crucial to tune your search results to guarantee quality, because search technology is a successful and comprehensive solution itself. At Qavi Technologies, we provide Solr relevancy tuning services that are especially designed to serve the search quality needs while enhancing and surfacing highly relevant information.

We employ a set of proven methodology which enable our technical staff and s etc. to analyze and review the search behavior systematically and adjust Solr accordingly. So, partner with us in order to;

  • Significantly improve results of your keyword search.
  • Enhance the auto-finishing results within the search box.
  • Effectively manage multi-word search.
  • Improve query performance of Solr.

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Solr Enterprise Search

Solr is comprised of technologies that are supremely powerful and offers an incredible variety of tools that can dramatically enhance your enterprise search. Whether you are looking for a solution that can offer real-time indexing or considering a super-efficient index that can serve billions of document obtained for disparate data repositories, Solr can do the job seamlessly and mold effortlessly according to the quantity and size of your enterprise data.

With us, you can get your solutions tailored to meet your specific needs such as to collect data from disparate sources (CMS, SharePoint, Internal/External Database etc.) to document libraries, or to crawl within the intranet sites. With Solr, data from multiple repositories can be merged into sub-collections and collections, which allow you to easily access the information from various distributed data sources seamlessly. At Qavi Technologies, we excel in providing security authorization and integration in order to empower authentication, by using varied mechanisms. However, you are always welcome to get your solutions personalized in the following areas;

  • Content Management & Processing.
  • Result Clustering.
  • Handling of Natural Language.
  • Metadata Policies & Strategies.

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Solr Advisory Services

If you are planning to embark upon a Solr implementation soon, then leveraging Solr expertise for your project from Qavi Technologies is the best choice you can avail. Or, even if you have an existing Solr solution and you are seeking for its effective configuration and efficiency management, then we also offer Solr Advisory and Consulting Services that are devised to meet the following requirements;

  • To make you Solr solution standing on strong footing by providing expert advice for your architecture bases on best practices.
  • To assess and review configuration and installation of your Solr solution in order to provide expert recommendation for improvement.
  • Provide recommendation and consulting services for enhancing your search relevancy.
  • Provide assistance to scale your existing volume for search.

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