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Kibana as a Services At Qavi Technologies

Select Your Own Ways to View & Browse Data

Whether you’re an analyst or an admin, Kibana is mandatory for you to excel the performance. Whether you need to improve data visualization, manage, monitor, or secure elastic stack cluster, it’s a one-stop solution for all your needs. As a certified company, we enable you to take the risk out of Kibana by streamlining your data as per your requirement. With years of experience in delivering exceptional Kibana services, we bring out the best Kibana solution for you.

By turning the complexities into comfort abilities, we empower you to utilize the power of Kibana to your benefit truly.

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A Brief Overview of Kibana

Kibana is an open-source visualization platform that offers easy to use features for its users to create graphs, pie charts, line, maps, scatter plots on top of a large volume of data. It is merely used to explore Elasticsearch data, log, time-series analytics, operational intelligence cases, and application monitoring.

Despite exploring Elasticsearch data, Kibana enables you to build interactive visualization, dashboards and shape your data. By using Kibana, you can create a window into your data and get the freedom to view & browse data as per your choice. Its built-in geospatial support helps you use geospatial information by offering templates and creative solutions to develop your own.

Above all, a wide range of benefits makes you choose Kibana as a service for your organization.

Explore & Query

It makes you more connected with data by enabling you to discover, explore, and search your data hidden insights. By getting connected with a Kibana consulting provider, you can also narrow the results and keep only the Data you want.

Visualize & Analyze

Kibana enables you to build tables, metrics, charts, and much more. You get plenty of options for showcasing your data, including the visualization features like TSVB, Maps, and Canvas. So you get a way to turn your visualization as per your choice. Kibana dashboards enable you to collect data in one place, providing a detailed insight analysis from multiple perspectives.

Organize & Secure

Kibana enables you to organize, connect, and secure data all within easy clicks. You can organize visualization, indices, and dashboards all in one place while sharing the goodness of Kibana with other team members. By allowing fine-grained controls, Kibana enables you to monitor and provide limited access to the users.

Manage Everything in Elastic Stack

Kibana is an ultimate solution for updating Elasticsearch indices, setting user roles & privileges, stack management, and much more. Through its UIs, you can even get the facility to turn on or off the dark mode. By connecting with Kibana, you can easily go through the index management section to implement what you need.

Extend Your Cases

Want to know your security vulnerabilities? Kibana has all the solutions for you. Detecting security vulnerabilities, monitoring performance, and addressing business needs enables you to streamline your business process. Kibana never dictates you on exploring the data so that you can visualize per your choice without any limitations & restrictions.

Don’t Want to Dive into Kibana Complications? Get Our Hassle-free Kibana Consulting Service

Being a reputable organization in the industry, we know how to tackle problems by providing Kibana as a service. We are here to solve all your problem, whether it’s related to:

  • Managing Your CI/CD Initiatives
  • Building policy for security & management
  • Implementation of the right tools for your business
  • Organizing datasets
  • Creating dashboards
  • Knowing the future consequences

We are here to provide you with the extensive Kibana services that not only drive results as per your requirement but ultimately offer high ROI for your business.

Effective Kibana Solution

Why are we perfect? It’s not just the ability to give outstanding performance, but our experts’ efforts into each case. At Qavi Technologies, we have a specialized team of experienced people trained to handle the complexities by providing effective Kibana solutions. Following are some of the top solutions dealt with by our professionals:

Log Analytics

For quick, scalable & error-free loggings


diagnose problems, analyze your dashboard, and fix the issues.


Kibana Quick Start

Helps you in setting up Kibana dashboards with the features you require.


Custom Consultation

to release your Kibana stress by discussing and implementing the best practices.

qavi map


Application performance monitoring to get real-time insights for your applications.


Securing Data

to prevent threats by detecting vulnerabilities in your system.


Geospatial Data Analysisy

Resolving complications, managing geospatial information & providing insights.

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Afraid to get started or Stuck with Kibana Complications? Let’s take help from Kibana Consulting Provider.

By leveraging Kibana technology favoring your business, you can exceed the limits and go beyond the expectations. Our Kibana consultants are here to help you out in turning your difficulties into opportunities. Knowing all the insights, first-hand knowledge, and experience enables us to provide perfection at all levels.

So, don’t think too much; let us answer all your queries and rely on our experts for the successful execution of your project.


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