Solr to Elasticsearch Migration Consultancy

Elasticsearch, supported by various other components from the Elastic Stack, becomes a popular alternative for companies to scale their business needs. Elasticsearch offers a high-functional search system with a solid foundation for versatile searches and analytic functionalities catering to current & future business needs.

Being a certified & experienced professional, we provide full flash Solr to Elasticsearch migration services that enable you to enjoy the new search system effectively. Our experts having years of experience, enables you to migrate Solr to Elasticsearch effectively. We offer to migrate Solr to Elasticsearch consulting to ensure that you never face any difficulties.

Why Migrate Solr to Elasticsearch?

Migrating isn’t an event but the whole process that requires time and effort. However, choosing the migration for Solr to Elasticsearch is a difficult decision filled with a lot of queries. Both platforms support searches.

Searches, of course, is an integral part of any application. Still, it can be challenging to perform searches on terabytes, petabytes of data when the speed, high availability, and performance become necessary elements.

Therefore, Solr or elasticsearch can be a great option to fulfill your needs. Both are built on Apache Lucene but differ in deployment, scalability, Query language, and various other functionalities. Solr to Elasticsearch migration is mandatory due to the following reasons.

Relative Popularity

It is true that Solr, in its initial first ten years, gained popularity, but now the wave is in favor of Elasticsearch. The DB-engines, which gives ranking based on search engines’ popularity, marked Elasticsearch as the most popular search engine compared to Solr. So, shifting from a not so popular search engine to the most popular search engine ultimately provides numerous benefits.

Installation & Configuration

Installation & configuration of both the engines is almost equal. However, Elasticsearch gets an edge with its easy to install & configure the system. Solr requires at least 512 MB HEAP memory to allocate an instance, while Elasticsearch configuration requires 1GB of HEAP memory. But the latest version of Elasticsearch provides flexibility by reducing the size up to 314.5 MB.

Indexing & Searching

While Solr is more focused on enterprise-directed text searches, it is more suitable for advanced enterprises that contain massive data and implements big data ecosystem tools. But Elasticsearch is for almost every business, as it focuses on scaling, data analytics, and processing time-series data to drive meaningful insights & patterns.

Scalability & Distribution

A flexible search engine efficiently processes a large amount of data without taking much time. To ensure that businesses get the extra edge in efficiency, Elasticsearch designs are created to bring better support to scaling & cluster management. While Solr requires additional service to handle cluster coordination, Elasticsearch built-in zen discovery module handles everything with perfection.


Both Solr and Elasticsearch are community-driven platforms. However, Solr has a broad open-source community where Solr developers can add new changes. But, Elasticsearch, not compromising on data leaks and security of its users, finalizes or confirms the contributions at the end. It is for the most popular time-series database & search engine that have grown immensely.


Elasticsearch not only provides well-organized, high-quality documentation but also offers guides & tools for proper configuration. To make yourself free from the daily hurdles in Solr, you need to migrate Solr to Elasticsearch. You may never find good tutorials or technical examples of Solr, making it hard for the users to deal with the complexities.

Migrate from Solr to Elasticsearch Easily

Having the experience to implement the Elasticsearch system for various clients, Qavi Technologies aims to give flexibility & ease in the migration process. We ensure that the new system completely fits your business needs without any hassles.

Knowing that each organization varies in size, requirements, and structure, our experts start with search application assessments to completely understand your business requirements. Depending on the project, we can preserve the index pipelines & Solr data connectors when migrating to the Elasticsearch engine. 

Our Hassle-free Solution

Our experts are here to ensure that you get high-quality services without any interruptions. Our team of experts not only go case by case but also implements the best industry practices to drive results. Our Open Distro for Elasticsearch services includes:

Non-Disruptive Migration

Having expertise & years of experience in providing Elastic solutions, we know how to successfully tackle migration. Our experts help customers to get a fresh start for Elasticsearch applications to utilize the full features as per the requirement. We analyze, understand, and then migrate Solr to Elasticsearch to get rid of any difficulties.

Imply Best Migration Strategy

Not all businesses have the same migration steps; some are complex, while some contain a large number of data. Therefore, we imply a migration strategy that fits your business. Our team of experts go case by case and understands the system before taking any step. This drives the best results without any complications.

Solr to Migration Consulting

Our experts are here to answer your every query and make the migration process easy for you. Qavi Technologies not only focuses on making the migration process smoother for you but also gives experts’ opinions on benefits and disadvantages. We study your company before proceeding forward.

Certify Elastic Partners

Qavi Technologies is an authorized & certified implementation Partner with Elastics. With more solutions to offer, we can leverage the open-source software such as ELK Stack and supporting products. With a highly proficient team, we work on implementing the strategies and get in touch with the ins & outs of the industry to provide better solutions.

Why Us?

Qavi technology is a reputable name in the industry that not drives goal-oriented results for their customers but also provides:

  • Around the clock dedicated Elasticsearch application services
  • Extensive migration support
  • Strategic migration planning
  • Effective implementation
  • Fine-tuned and supports the new Elasticsearch system for future requirement
  • Effective Consultancy

Let’s Connect with Elasticsearch to Boost Your Business

Migrating from Solr to Elasticsearch becomes easy with Qavi Technologies. By implementing the best practices, our experts cater to all your needs perfectly. We ensure you never face complications, hurdles, and stress in the entire migration process. So connect with our experts now to enjoy the Elasticsearch benefits.