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Data security is the concern of every digital business. To protect your data, you must need to monitor, detect threats, and respond quickly. However, these time-consuming ways never let you focus on your business effectively. Therefore, our hassle-free wazuh services enable you to tighten your security by fitting with your current & future business needs.

Wazuh is an open-source enterprise-ready security monitoring solution. It detects threats, integer monitoring, and use for compliance and incident response. Qavi Technologies, as a recognized company, offers wazuh as a service to build the protective security layer around your system. Our wazuh experts help you in securing your business without any hassles.

What Specified Solr Services Do We Offer?

Wazuh is a comprehensive open security, a light-weight platform that enables users to monitor infrastructure, intrusion attempts, system anomalies, poorly configured applications, unauthorized user actions, and detect threats. It is not just a security agent for your business but enables you to enhance Elastic Stack capabilities. Wazuh provides the following prior features.

Security Analytics

providing real-time monitoring & triggering an automatic response.

Manage Agent

effective agent management, including configuring & upgrading remotely.

Integration with ELK Component

Integrate with Kibana to provide out-of-the-box dashboards for data analysis & visualization.

Endpoint Detection

Capability to detect hidden exploit complex processes and active response to block network attacks.

Our wazuh professional services Provider at Qavi Technologies

Qavi Technologies is a reliable & authorized company consisting of certified, experienced professionals that cater to your business needs perfectly. When combined with the knowledge & techniques, our years of experience always drive goal-oriented results for your organization. We offer various Wazuh services that enable you to secure your system entirely.

Wazuh SIEM

Our Wazuh SIEM services enable you to deploy wazuh on-premises, hybrid, or cloud environments. Our team of experts understands and analyzes your business and perfectly accommodates wazuh to your system, enabling you to make your security management & event management better.

Wazuh Server Installation

The Wazuh server’s work is to manage, monitor, and analyze the data received from the agents. It can alone analyze the data from hundreds or even thousands of agents. Our experts ensure that there are no hurdles held in the way of the wazuh server installation process. We check, upgrade your system as per the needs of Wazuh, and successfully proceed towards installation steps.

Wazuh Ossec

Ossec is the main component that does all the hard work of collecting and analyzing data. It is also an open-source host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) performing log-analysis, integrity checking, time-based alerting, integrity checking, and windows registry monitoring. Our professionals not only help in migrating to Ossec but also allow you to integrate with Wazuh Ossec to get the most advanced visualization and secure retention system.

Wazuh Splunk

Wazuh apps for Splunk offer a UI that enables users to visualize API data & Wazuh alerts. We provide Wazuh Splunk integration services that allow you to gain deeper security visibility into system infrastructure. It helps you to secure, and monitor your application system, indicating and responding to vulnerabilities.

Wazuh Open Source

We guide, instruct, and help you to deploy a Wazuh open source security platform to your system. Our experts ensure to untie the complexities held in the way of downloading Wazuh and allow you to streamline the data security process. Qavi technologies fully manage the Wazuh open-source platform for your system, eliminating the vulnerabilities effectively.

Wazuh Pricing

Wazuh pricing depends on the types of requirements you have. We offer flexible prices that fit your business needs, meanwhile providing enhanced security. From Wazuh cloud services to the Wazuh installation and integration services, our prices vary depending on the needs. However, you can get a free Wazuh trial if required.

What do We offer?

Qavi technology offers a complete Wazuh as a service package based on the business requirement. Our team of professional not only caters to your organization security needs but also offers

Annual Support & Maintenance

Our dedicated team of engineers provides annual support & maintenance facility to the Wazuh users. Our support team addresses unlimited queries, issues related to any component of wazuh services. Ultimately, giving guaranteed client satisfaction, we provide value for your hard-earn money.

Deployment & Configuration

Our Wazuh professional experts deploy & configure the solutions keeping your business’s long-term plan & growth in mind. Our tech engineers focus on optimizing results for particular cases, ultimately designing the successful architecture for solution deployment, third-party integration, and configurations.

Professional Hours

We offer professional hours for Wazuh deployment & configuration projects depending on the customer’s needs and requirements. Our experts, having experience in successfully managing the project, assist with solution deployment & tuning. We also help you create custom dashboards, improved threat detection capabilities, regulatory compliance mapping & alerts, and third-party integration.

Why Choose Our Wazuh Services?

Qavi Technologies providing Wazuh as a service includes all the necessities that enable businesses to enhance their security and move forward effectively. Our experts dedicate their time, efforts, and knowledge to resolving the complexities to streamline your business system process. Despite providing a wide variety of professional Wazuh services, we ensure to get you on track by offering.

Around The Clock Support

Provides 24/7 customer support enabling you to stay connected with us.

Quick Response Time

Our priority is always to respond quickly without wasting your precious time.

Latest Upgrades

Offers upgrading services to upgrade your Wazuh platform to the newest version securely.

Out-of-the-box Solution

From deployment & configuration to managing & integration, our expert solutions never let your business system down.


Check systems health four times a year to ensure that you never get stuck to any vulnerabilities.

Enhance Your System Security Now!

There is no better way to stop cybersecurity threats other than implementing one of the best Wazuh SIEM tools to your system. Our professionals assist you from the initial starting point to the completion process to enjoy the better features & facilities integrating with ELK & Kibana. So consult your experts now for better system security.