With our excellence in Elasticsearch, we help our clients store and analyze the data efficiently while using the power of Elasticsearch. We have successfully completed hundreds of Elasticsearch implementation and optimization projects. No matter if you are new to deploying Elasticsearch clusters, or already in use; Qavi Technologies can ensure you that your system provides the maximum value for you. We are certified Elasticsearch consulting services provider that can help you with Elasticsearch of any size for implementation, along with a 24/7 production support.

Elasticsearch Consulting Services

Qavi Technologies is the leading Elasticsearch consulting company with its dedicated focus to build and support enterprise level solutions based on ELK/Elastic Stack. So, whether you are using Elasticsearch to power the search system of your enterprise, for a web-facing application, log analysis or cyber security; we have got all covered with our wide range of Elastic Stack services that can help you get the most out of it.

Hire Elasticsearch Experts

We uphold the ELK/Elastic Stack of all the components which include (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Security and Beats) and also offer architectural design consulting for a very competitive cost.

Elasticsearch Application Assessment

We offer superior Search Application Assessment to support you formulate or improve your existing or new Elasticsearch implementation respectively.

Our Work Process & Expert Elasticsearch Consulting Services

Wide-Ranging Consulting Packages

We offer you to personalize your packages according to project phase depending on the expertise that you require; regardless at what stage you are in your ELK/Elastic Stack deployment.


Migrate from an old platform or take advantage of the latest features while enhancing the impact and minimizing the risks on your system.


Our experts keep you guided and updated throughout the development & implementation process of your Elasticsearch based solution.


We provide support to our customer to deploy and use Elasticsearch on cloud services, self managed or on prem models.


Design a model that balances with your workload and data, keep your clusters green and maintain finest performance.


We tailor-made robust solutions on the basis of your project case, growth needs, data volume, critical factors and business requirements.

Our Elasticsearch consultancy services are exclusive & personalized

Our Elasticsearch Consulting Services are exclusively devised to support and structure high availability and load distribution, and it comes with many other advantages. We ensure complete suitability, easy scalability and speedy performance, even when managing large amounts of data. Elasticsearch can be used efficiently and flexibly, thanks to its numerous integrated functions. Together with Kibana and Logstash, Elasticsearch serves as a complete software suite for visualizing and analyzing large amounts of data. Profit making enhancements and specialized support by Qavi Technologies is available along with the seamless implementation and affordable cost.

Why our Elasticsearch Consulting is the finest?

We put no restriction on your data types unlike others do, because we are capable of handling any data type with equal efficiency; whether it is unstructured, structured, geodata, numbers of text. Our remarkable capacities are one of the foremost reasons why clients from all over the world trust us in Elasticsearch consulting services. And, especially when it is about solving diversified challenges. Here, we have listed all the solutions that are handled by our Elastic Stack experts.


Reliable and error free, for quick and scalable logging.


To envisage and monitor your system metrics

Site Search

For creating a quick and user-friendly search function for your website.


To gain real-time insights over your application’s performance.


To explore real time geospatial data.

App Search

To search in geospatial data, documents etc.


Take advantage from mechanized threat detection and interactive investigation.


To respond quickly against the availability issues for app and service monitoring.

Endpoint Security

To detect, mitigate, contest and prevent threats.

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Our Elasticsearch Consultants have the insights and knowledge about what it takes to make your Elastic Stack project seamlessly efficient and cost-effective. So, what are you waiting for, talk to our experts now and get their valuable technical guidance based on their first-hand experience, in order to successfully execute your Elasticsearch project while leveraging their professional expertise and skills.