Monitor and Manage Data Effectively

A hassle-free way to monitor all events, cases without any complications through Open Distro for Elasticsearch. Qavi Technologies helps you connect with 100% open source powerful, easy to use event monitoring & alerting systems. It fulfills the needs more efficiently by working with Elasticsearch and utilizing the Kibana and other extra features.

The Elasticsearch importance in log analytics and search includes Elasticsearch and even Kibana and other plugins to ensure you get everything in one place. Out of so many outstanding facilities, it provides the following key features for enterprises and businesses.

What Is Open Distro for Elasticsearch

Open Distro for Elasticsearch is one of the recent innovations that come up with a 100% open-source, fully-featured platform with community-driven distribution making it easy for everyone to collaborate, communicate, and contribute effectively.

Due to the Elasticsearch importance in log analytics and search, it includes Elasticsearch and even Kibana and other plugins to ensure you get everything in one place. Out of so many outstanding facilities, it provides the following key features for enterprises and businesses.


Open distro for Elasticsearch helps you in keeping your data secure through its extensive features. It enables you to utilize advanced security features that include various authentication options that provide enterprise-grade security. So, by connecting with Open Distro for Elasticsearch, you can keep your data safe & secure. Open Distro for Elasticsearch enables you to:

  • Encrypt Data In-Transit
  • Authenticate Users Against Active Directory
  • Monitor & Log Any Malicious Access Attempt
  • Use JSON & Kerberos Web Token for SSO

Monitoring & Alerting

Open Distro for Elasticsearch offers a quick, consistent, powerful & easy to use event monitoring & Alerting system. By connecting with Open Distro for Elasticsearch, you get the facility to monitor data & send an automated notification to stakeholders. Its powerful API and intuitive Kibana interface helps you to

  • Easily Create Monitors
  • Customize Multiple Alert Conditions
  • Get Notified
  • Use Elasticsearch Full Query Language
  • Scripting Capabilities


By using the familiar SQL query syntax, you can easily extract insights out of Elasticsearch. Users who are comfortable with SQL can utilize more than 40 functions, commands, data type, and join support, including direct exports to CSV, giving the flexibility to use the format that fits your need. Open distro for Elasticsearch also offers

  • Full Benefits of Elasticsearch Vis SQL Simple Queries
  • Extensive Support for Wide Variety of SQL Features
  • Translate SQL into Elasticsearch JSON
  • Integration with Various Applications

Performance Analyzer

Open Distro for Elasticsearch helps you get deep diagnostic insights by enabling you to query Elasticsearch metrics alongside disk, operating system stats & complex networks. The performance analyzer feature runs independently without any performance impact. The main part is irresistible performance analysis that never gets disturbed even when Elasticsearch is under stress.

  • Perform Diagnostic Across the Stack
  • Analyze Hundreds of Data Points
  • Runs Independent of Clusters

How Open Distro for Elasticsearch Beneficial for You

Distro for Elasticsearch is one of the latest open source projects enabling users to solve complex issues effectively. Our team of experts provides a wide range of solutions enabling you to utilize the capabilities of Distro for Elasticsearch fully. It’s well suited for

  • Real-time Application Monitoring
  • Search Backend
  • Clickstream Analytics
  • Log analytics

It offers many extra features as compared to the open-source distribution of Elasticsearch. By connecting with Open Distro for Elasticsearch, you get

  • Elasticsearch- for data store and search engine purpose
  • Kibana- For visual dashboard & frontend search
  • Index-Statement-Management- To automate your index operations.
  • KNN- to find or locate nearest neighbors in vector data
  • Anomaly Detection- for receiving automatic notifications & identifying atypical data
  • SQL- to query your data easily.

Our Hassle-free Solution

Our experts are here to ensure that you get high-quality services without any interruptions. Our team of experts not only go case by case but also implements the best industry practices to drive results. Our Open Distro for Elasticsearch services includes:

Managed Deployment & Support

Our teams of experts provide managed deployment & support services for Open Distro for Elasticsearch. From analyzing your current status, we ensure to go beyond the standards to accelerate your business by utilizing essential features in your system.

Open Distro for Elasticsearch Installation

We help you in getting started with Open Distro for Elasticsearch installation process. Having years of experience in Elasticsearch, we know the ins and outs of Open Distro for Elasticsearch. To connect your systems with Open Distro for Elasticsearch effectively, get our expert’s help now.

Open Distro for Elasticsearch Consulting

Our team of experts, with deep roots in open source technology, helps customers in getting consulting services for Open Distro for Elasticsearch. We help you know the benefits, usage, and purpose that help you take steps confidently.

Data Processing & Search Architecture

Our tech-engineers let your data deploy, process, and develop search architectures through an efficient process. We empower you to utilize the Open Distro for Elasticsearch for enhancing data processing, security, and deployments. This ultimately helps you to streamline your system data without any hurdles.

Why Consider Us for Your Case?

Despite having first-hand knowledge and experience in solving the complexities of the system, we develop strategies that are easy on your pocket and boost your business. Our experts put the effort in every case to make your system run smoother and achieve all your requirements. We offer:

  • Extensive Support- Our support teams are available around the clock to support you for every technical issue.
  • Certified & Experienced- We are well-recognized in the industry, having years of experience to accomplish goals. So you can rely on us.
  • Budget-friendly- We know your business financial hurdles that never let you move forward. So, we are here to charge a friendly amount that suits your pocket.
  • Flexible & Faster- We ensure to deploy a solution faster with out-of-the-box functionality that caters to your needs perfectly.
  • Security for Your Enterprises- We monitor, track, and record metrics, for faults and errors, eliminating them quickly, enabling you to secure your enterprise data.

Let’s Take a Break from Stress- Qavi Technologies Provide Perfection at All Level

Humans make mistakes, but not the reports and trained experts who put effort into each task they do. Our Open Distro for Elasticsearch experts ensures that you get the best value for your money while providing relief from handling the complexities. So connect now for flawless & faultless results.