We offer multiple services around Elasticsearch (Elastic Stack), Solr, Sphinx (Manticore) Search, Cyber Security and more. Here are some details which will help you choose the right service you need.


Elasticsearch Consultancy & Implementation Services

We offer Elasticsearch consultancy implementation and support services. We work with clients to save their valuable time and money by using our experience in Elasticsearch. We help to speed up design, implementation, deployment and achieve scalability by implementing best practices and avoid architectural mistakes.

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Customized Search

We build custom search engine for sites. This allows sites to present relevant content from their digital properties at one place so visitors can easily and quickly find what they need. With custom search engine, sites can recommend highly relevant content to drive deeper engagement and more conversions.

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Sphinx Search Implementation & Consultancy

Sphinx Search is an open source tool to implement large scale full text search which traditional databases can’t handle. We have years of experience working with this tool and have implemented a number of smart, fast and scalable searches using Sphinx Search. We help our clients to design, configure, implement and scale Sphinx deployments.

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Performance & Scalability

Performance, high availability and scalability are essential for fast growing online businesses. Slow business websites frustrate users, resulting loss of the prospective leads and conversions. By utilizing our vast experience and deep knowledge enable us to evaluate and audit website performance, and device sustainable architecture scalability to new and existing web applications. Our services result fast accelerated web applications, with every aspect optimized for high availability and sustainable scalability.

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