Sphinx / Manticore Search Implementation & Consultancy Services

Performance and scalability are essential for fast growing online businesses. The low performance websites frustrate users, resulting loss of the prospective lead and conversions.

Our diversified experience and expertise help us to evaluate and audit website performance, and device sustainable architecture scalability to new and existing web applications. Our services result fast accelerated web applications, with every aspect optimized for high availability and sustainable scalability.

We have done performance and scalability for B2B portals, classified ads portals, review sites, blogs, forums, eCommerce sites and more. We also offer optimization services for Magneto, Drupal and WordPress sites. Our services have helped our customers to increase conversion, sales and improve user experience. Our performance and scalability services include

MySQL Optimization

Comprehensive database analysis includes configuration, operating system, hardware configuration, application architecture, table design, indexing, capacity, and scaling potential. If you find that your database system has performance issues, hire us. Our expert team identifies bottlenecks recommend optimization to improve performance and sustainable scalability.

MySQL Query Optimization

A query can be executed in numerous diverse ways. MySQL Query analysis and optimization process involves reviewing queries interacting with database, finding the most efficient way to execute the query. We have transformed slow data serving websites into fast and smart by implementing query analysis and optimization process resulting data retrieval in optimized way.

Server Optimization

Comprehensive web server performance optimization includes configuration, operating system and hardware configuration. Our expert team identifies bottlenecks recommend optimization to improve performance and sustainable scalability.

Front End Optimization (FEO)

Today websites, specifically web pages are highly distributed featuring widgets and other dynamic rich content, pulling various components to generate content for end users. With the new internet applications, more computing requirements built into a single page introduced bottlenecks. Front End Optimization is taking content delivery to the next level, generating content optimized for visitor’s location, device, browser, platform, and network. Code optimization is essential for websites as spiders read it to index your website into search engines, its help search engines to understand your website better. Our experts help you to optimize your code utilizing best practices managing HTML, CSS and JavaScript, eliminating white spaces.

Cache Implementation

Cache implementation is essential for high traffic websites as it improves overall web page generation throughput. Cache implementation helps to optimize website loading by caching web sites and applications, preventing to process same data over and over again. Our experts help you to adopt cache implementation using best industry practices.