We have years of experience in implementing Elasticsearch to create powerful searches. We offer consultancy and implementation services to our customers. In our consultation role we implement best practices for design, configuration and system architecture. This saves client’s valuable time and money by avoiding easy to make mistakes in these areas. It allows Elasticsearch implementation to grow without hitting any road blocks.

The process start by understanding your business requirements and use cases. After initial evaluation we work in close coordination with client and propose solution outlines based on current needs and growth requirements. Once we finalize the design we start implementing the architecture with required servers and indices.

Elasticsearch Performance Tuning

This service is tailored for the clients who are already using  Elasticsearch, but having issue with its relevancy, performance and scalability. If your search is taking too much time, not upgraded to latest version or having performance issues, we will identify issues and optimize the complete systems.

Elastic Stack Consultancy

We also provide consultancy and implementation for complete Elastic Stack. Our engineers can help you implement complete data analysis system which typically includes Elasticsearch and Logstash for data gathering and storage. We build kibana dashboards which provide overview of the data. A typical use is where you only want to search using Elasticsearch but also record user clicks and create a dashboards for that data.


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