Performance Optimization

Solr Performance Optimzation for Business Directory


Our client is largest business directory of Nigeria. It offers more than 1,000,000 business listings from the region. Solr was already in place for search but there were some performance issues being faced. Our team helped the website to fix these performance issues by modifying schema, server settings and search queries. Result of these efforts [...]

WordPress Performance Optimization


Our client is a Wordpress based community for women in business. This site was using multiple plugins for memberships, discussions and other social features. The website was experiencing performance issues and was causing bad user experience. Our team was engaged to fix the performance issues. We performed an audit on server to find the bottlenecks [...]

Solr Performance Optimization for Classified Ads Portal


Our client is large classified ads portal in Pakistan. It has more than 1,000,000 active ads and more than 200,000 daily page views. When we were reached by client, Solr was already in place for searching and navigation. It was having performance issues in queries and indexing. Solr used to crash frequently due to these [...]

Performance Optimization for WordPress Blog


The client is a famous blog and discussion forum for Apple products in Middle East. The client wanted to have super fast user experience for mobile and desktop visitors. We performed a performance audit on server side, dns and front end to fine the bottlenecks. We identified several issues with theme, server and dns setup. [...]

Sphinx Search Optimization for Video On-Demand Platform


Our client is one of the largest freely available Video On-Demand & Pay-per-view library. The client already had Sphinx Search implemented for the content search, but it was not performing to its full potential. There were multiple issues in search relevancy and indexing performance. Sphinx and db servers were hosted on AWS EC2 Our team [...]

Elasticsearch Optimization for Large Domains Provider


The client was a large domain provider. The search on the available and expired domains was key to their business. The client already had elastic search implemented but they were facing performance issues in indexing and searching. Their Elasticsearch used to crash due to query load. Once client engaged our Elasticsearch experts we performed an [...]

Performance Optimization for Magento Auto Parts Store


Our client is online store for auto-parts offering huge range of auto parts. The store was based on Magento. Due to huge catalog of products the site was very slow overall. The search was also slow because it was using default Magento fulltext search. We did a performance audit of the site and identified bottlenecks. [...]

Sphinx Search Integration for vBulletin


Our client is owner of a famous discussion forum of Belgium. The forum is based on vBulletin. The search was the main feature used by the users to fine relevant topics. The default vBulletin search was not good and was very slow. Client reached to us to make the search relevant and faster. We integrated [...]

Sphinx Search Implementation for Trademarks and Patents


Our client has database of 100,000,000+ patents applications records and 400,000,000+ trademark applications. They needed to make all this information searchable for users. They were using mysql for search but that was very slow and inaccurate. Client attempted to move this search to Sphinx Search on their own. The amount of data was huge and [...]

Sphinx Search for OsCommerce based User Manuals Search Engine


Our client is website which sells digital user and repair manuals for cars, industrial vehicles, electronics and electrical appliances and had catalog of more than 300,000 manuals.  The website is based on osCommerce which is heavily customized. To find their desired manual, the best way for users was to use search. The default osCommerce search [...]