Magento is very powerful and feature rich tool for eCommerce stores, but it lacks out of the box performance. Online store performance is one of the most important factors for sales and conversions. Magento stores are slow by default. Default configurations don’t deliver performance which is required for higher sales and conversions.

We provide professional end to end services to optimize performance of Magento stores. Our consultant are experienced in Magento development,  configuration and optimization and helped many stores to improve their sales by optimizing performance.

The process starts when our performance experts start analyzing your server in detail. The experts have to look closely on server, OS, memory usage, installed tools, extensions and versions and performance measure already implemented. A number of tests are performed to find out actual bottlenecks.

After analysis and we suggest improvements in areas where we think changes has to be made. We priorities the suggestions based on potential impact, complexity and efforts. These analysis and suggestions are than discussed with the client. Impact is measured after each change we make by running tests and analyzing logs. The analysis is done for web server, mysql database, caching, opcode cache, CDN etc.

A typical Magento store performance optimization takes around 15 to 20 hours.¬†Our expertise in performance and scalability are proven and we have helped a number of sites to achieve high performance, higher sales and more happy customers. So don’t just wait and hire an expert for Magento performance optimization by contacting us.