Solr implementation for Magento – trenddeko.ch


Our client is a eCommerce store which has catalog of about 100,000 products. The store is based on Magento and uses MySql as RDBMS. The store was using full text and LIKE to find matching products. For attribute filters GROUP BY sql queries were being used which was putting a lot of load on servers [...]

Sphinx Search optimization for Jobs Portal – idibu.com


Our client is a job portal which have millions of job posts and candidates. They are using Sphinx Search for matching the job post with best candidates. They were looking to improve their search relevancy and improve performance of the indexing data in real time. We helped them fine tune the relevancy which helped recommend [...]

ELK implementation for Cisco & Huawei Firewall logs


We implemented ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) to analyze logs from Cisco and Huawei firewalls. We consumed the logs in real time using Logstash and after some processing and normalization we stored it in Elasticsearch for analysis. Also implemented an Kibana dashboard to visualize the data for different events and other details. It helped our client [...]

Sphinx Search for Digital Content Provider


Our client is a digital content provider. The content types include ebooks, audio books, emagazines, software, music albums and music tracks. Each of the content type has millions of items available. Search is the most convenient way for users to find desired content on the website. Sphinx search was already implemented for the search. Due [...]

Elasticsearch for Ads Clicks Recording


Our client is an ads distribution agency. The receive millions of clicks on daily basis on their ads. Click recording stats are very important for the business and it needs to be presented to advertisers and calculation of RoI. On advertiser dashboard different aspects of clicks were presented in charts. As all this data was [...]

Solr Implementation for eCommerce store


Our client is a eCommerce store which has catalog of about 300,000 products from different vendors. The website is based on .Net and uses MS SQL Server as RDBMS. The website was using MS SQL full text and LIKE to find matching products. For navigation based on different product attributes and categories GROUP BY queries [...]

Sphinx Search Implementation for Classified Ads Portal


We implemented Sphinx Search to replace mysql fulltext for a classified ads portal. This portal lists millions of ads from countries across the globe. Traditional search methods simple don't work at this scale. The search was having issues with performance and quality of the search. We implemented Sphinx Search based solution to take the search [...]