ELK implementation for Cisco & Huawei Firewall logs


We implemented ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) to analyze logs from Cisco and Huawei firewalls. We consumed the logs in real time using Logstash and after some processing and normalization we stored it in Elasticsearch for analysis. Also implemented an Kibana dashboard to visualize the data for different events and other details. It helped our client [...]

Elasticsearch for Ads Clicks Recording


Our client is an ads distribution agency. The receive millions of clicks on daily basis on their ads. Click recording stats are very important for the business and it needs to be presented to advertisers and calculation of RoI. On advertiser dashboard different aspects of clicks were presented in charts. As all this data was [...]

Elasticsearch Optimization for Large Domains Provider


The client was a large domain provider. The search on the available and expired domains was key to their business. The client already had elastic search implemented but they were facing performance issues in indexing and searching. Their Elasticsearch used to crash due to query load. Once client engaged our Elasticsearch experts we performed an [...]

Elasticsearch with WordPress for Vets Community


The client is a popular vet community portal in UK. The portal is based on Wordpress. It was using default Wordpress search and results were not great for search. We implemented Elasticsearch to replace default search. The search results accuracy and performance improved which results more conversions from search. We also implemented search auto complete which enables users [...]

Price & Deals Comparison Portal


We provided complete solution for a price and deals comparison portal. This website enables to search products and find prices and deals in the region. We used Elasticseach to build custom search for the millions of the products it has. The search features include full and delta reindexing, easy management, relevant search and search logs. [...]