Our client is a website that allows users to design their own logos. It has a 200,000 vector graphics from which user can search and use these graphics for new logo. We implemented the search by which users can find the vector graphics they want. We used Solr for the search. We traverse through the graphics and its meta data and index that data in Solr via PHP script. Solr makes this search fast and accurate. We also scrape other sites for new graphics and download graphic to be used on this site. We also implemented AWS for this site. We use EC2 for hosting the site and setup the Cloudfront for the global content delivery. You can see our this work in action here


Waseem is consultant for Elastic Stack. He is Elastic Certified Engineer. Has years of experience with Elasticsearch, Solr, Wazuh, Sphinx Search, Manticore Search, OpenSearch and full text searching.