Our client is one of the largest freely available Video On-Demand & Pay-per-view library. The client already had Sphinx Search implemented for the content search, but it was not performing to its full potential. There were multiple issues in search relevancy and indexing performance. Sphinx and db servers were hosted on AWS EC2 Our team conducted a performance audit on the existing implementation. We came up with number of improvements in indexing and searching for better performance and relevancy. We implemented delta indexing to reduce load on db servers due to full index. Large indices were converted into distributed index across servers for better performance. All these changes were made without any downtime and major changes in application. Our expertise in Sphinx Search helped our client to utilize full potential of Sphinx, better utilize hardware and reduce costs.


Waseem is consultant for Elastic Stack. He is Elastic Certified Engineer. Has years of experience with Elasticsearch, Solr, Wazuh, Sphinx Search, Manticore Search, OpenSearch and full text searching.